What if your future was the past?

Long time since my last post. Lots of things have happened and so I didn´t have time to write. But here I am again and today I want to share with you a little review of a book saga (and it’s TV show): Outlander. I read the first book last year after having discovered the TV show based on these novels. The first season (and first book) tells the story of Claire, a nurse from the Second World War who travels through time to the age of the second scottish uprising against the english.
Resultado de imagen de outlanderWhile she tries to go back to her own time with her husband Frank, she meets young Jamie, a gallant Scott who has suffered the cruelty of the english wagons on his own flesh. Along the story, they´ll have to face numerous adventures, sorrow, loss, passion and love. In this book you will discover how powerful love can be, and learn that fairy tails don’t exist; what’s real for sure is that in life and love there are a lot of beautiful moments but pain and sacrifice as well. You’ll fall in love with the story but with the characters as well. The writter Diana Gabaldon carries you into a journey which will make you forget everything that surrounds you and teach us a piece of real Scottland’s History. She makes us dream about the green landscapes and fresh air.
Resultado de imagen de outlanderResultado de imagen de outlander

A few days ago I finished reading the second book: Dragonfly in Amber. The story continues, now Jamie and Claire are in France trying to change the future. They’ll make great efforts to stop the bonnie Prince Charles from restoring the Stuarts on the english throne. In real life, this uprising finished with the scottish troops slaughtered in the final battle of Culloden; it was a bloody hell wich meant the end of the scottish clans and its way of life. Claire and Jamie want to avoid this from happening. Will they succeed? If you want to know then you’ll have to read the book or watch the TV show…
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One thing I can tell you for sure: in the end you will feel their pain as if it was yours. This is quite a moving story, with unforgettable characters and moments which will keep you on your toes.


To finish with, I recommend you to watch the TV show. Its actors are so tallented and the music will get you into the story (just as if you were living among them). Sam Heughan plays Jamie and Caitriona Balfe is Claire in the fiction. From the first episode you can feel the chemistry between both of them, something essential to build a great serie/film. Everybody love their characters and them, but I must say that Dougal Mackenzie (played by Graham McTavish, who gave life to Dwalin on the films of The Hobbit) is a character I’m very fond of. He represents the pure scottish personality. A brave rebel who loves the country where he was born and who will do whatever he can to restore the Stuarts. I know he is very stubborn and should think more of the consequences rather than be lead by his feelings but maybe that’s why people love him. He is a fierce Scott.

There are a lot more things I could tell you about the book and the serie but you would get bored of reading so if you liked this review please read the books and/or watch the TV show. I love sharing my thoughts with you, leave a like and comment anything you want to tell me. See you on my next post!

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Stranger Things

Finally I’m back! The 2 past weeks have been a little crazy; I always spend Christmas holiday with my family and my grandparents don’t have a conection to the Internet so I haven’t been able to post anything.

Plus, last week I came back home but couldn’t update this blog because I caught the flu and I felt too sick to do some work. But now I’m totally recovered and to begin the year I bring you a review!!! yay!

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I’m sure it’s nothing new but I’ve just finished atching this serie and I’ madly in love with it. Everyone has been talking about it for a few months by now and some relatives told my boyfriend and I to watch it. The serie is based on a little american town; the time: wonderful 90s. The plot is focused on a group of four geek children who enjoy playing dungeons and dragons, Star Wars films and science (I must say I feel a bit identified with them since I enjoy almost the same things as them). But suddenly one of them goes missing, nobody knows where he is or has happened to him. The only thing you will know is that there’s some kind of terrific creature with blood thirst; it has something to do with the government and strange experiments.

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In case there’s someone who hasn’t watched it yet this is all I’m going to tell you since; in my opinion the brilliant thing about the serie is not knowing almost anything about the plot and keeping you with the intrigue. There are more characters of course and other secondary plots, but the essence of this show is this group of weird friends 😉

I enjoyed every minute since the first episode cause I love thrillers and creepy series. If you like this kind of subject trust me you’ll love this one. It’s a master piece of science fiction, a trepidant plot, full of adventures that will leave you breathless and  unforgetable characters you will fall in love with immediately.

Resultado de imagen de stranger things

My favourite character is Dustin (aka toothless). The way he sees everything and how he relates almost everything with star wars made me feel so fond of him. Plus he hates arguments and it seems to me that he’s the one who always keep is head cold; and he is really funny as well.

Resultado de imagen de stranger things dustin

Let me know who’s your favourite character or the best moment of the series. I can’t wait for season two, and you?

Here’s the trailer to those of you who haven’t watched it yet. Stranger Things