It’s that time of the year

Less than 10 days for Christmas to begin. Every city is full of activity, people shopping, the shops decorated with delicate lights or full of christmasy colours. And of course the carols; you can hear them everywhere you go: from the shopping centres to the squares of the streets or just people singing them on the streets as they walk along with friends.

Resultado de imagen de christmas lights london 2016

Kids are excited, they want so many toys and are happy because Christmas means holiday. Writing down the list of presents and visiting Santa’s little helper. They love visiting the markets, wearing wigs of all shapes and colours, buying angel figurines and decorating home with mistletoe, bells, the nativity scene, holly, and the Christmas tree.

Resultado de imagen de christmas children

That’s what I enjoy most on Christmas: decorating the Christmas tree and our home. Buying new stuff or simply bringing out the boxes which contain all this stuff. We don’t have a fireplace at home but I would love to. It’s funny when I think about it but I enjoy much more the decoration and carols from english tradition than the ones from Spain. Of course we love our own traditions but the way the english celebrate it has something quite special.

Resultado de imagen de christmas home fireplace

In Spain we don’t use Christmas socks. Usually what we do is placing at home some nativity scene, as I show you down here. In general, here in Spain people follow a more religious style (though I have to say that’s changing as years go by).

Resultado de imagen de belen christmas

But what would be Christmas without fmaily? That’s the real meaning of it: get together with all the family. It’s the Christmas Spirit. The never ending meals with everyone around the table, preparing the food, the drinks and the sweets. Spain has a lot of variety. For example in my case my family comes from Castilla y León and Christmas meals consist of seafood as starters, roasted lamb (is not lamb; in fact is lechazo, the young lamb, which has a really different taste) as the main dish, and the desserts: nougat, nuts, “polvorones” (that’s a tipical Spanish Christmas sweet) and marzipan.

Resultado de imagen de spanish christmas foodResultado de imagen de lechazo

Resultado de imagen de spanish christmas food

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your wishes come true!!

Resultado de imagen de christmas funny

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