Disapointing Evening

It seems that today sleep isn’t  coming to me so I’ll write another post.

A couple of weeks ago, I was noticed by an institution for young people that I got 2  free tickets to visit an exhibition in a very famous spanish art gallery. I chose the one from a very famous artist whose paintings I saw some years ago in other exhibition.

Resultado de imagen de cuadros de renoir

At the begining I was excited but when we arrived there they told us we must go with a group and a guide; I don’t like going to museums on a guided tour cause in my opinion you can’t admire the art following your own rythm. The place was really crowded today and the guide we had wasn’t wonderful; in fact, she didn’t explain very interesting things and only showed us a few paintings.

Besides, the museum has brought only the portraits from the artists and they weren’t spectacular… As I said, I had the chance to visit other exhibition from this artist and the paintings showed by that time were more beautiful and from the style this artist is known (still life, landscapes and colorful scenes with bourgeois).

Resultado de imagen de renoir retratosResultado de imagen de renoir retratos

After the poor visit, they told us that there was a kind of interactive activity. When I was a child, in this museum I made some art activities after the visits which consisted on making manual activities. But this time we had to share with the other people an intimate memorie. I’m a very shy person and telling me to share thoughts and projects with people I don’t know makes me anxious (I need to prepare myself and face the situation). So it seemed to me this was a kind of forcing us to make something without even asking if we wanted to; I began to feel extremely anxious, afraid and nervous all of a sudden.

My final decission has been to go out from there without making the activity. Today I wasn’t feeling very well and exposing me to this kind of situation which for me is horrible has only made my mood go worse. Luckily my boyfriend was with me, trying to cheer me up and after escaping from this activity we came back home and watched a serie.

I hope that your Saturday has been better than mine.

Resultado de imagen de impresionismo

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