Trying to get a job

It’s been quite a long time since I wrote my last post. I’m so sorry guys but I’ve been busy.

This is something that I want to tell you and maybe some of you are in the same situtation. Last july I finished my Master degree and since September I’m looking for a job related with my studies (which are Chemistry and a Master on Drug discovery).

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Unfortunately, though I apply for lots of offers (and not only in my hometown but in other cities as well) I haven’t had an interview in all this time. You may say now “but you’ve been applying only for 2 months, that’s a very short period of time” and I know that. But I’m not used to having nothing to do except cleaning at home, washing the dishes and all that stuff. It’s being quite hard for me and I try not to get depressed every time that I see one of my applications has been denied.

Anyway, what I want to share with you is a piece of advice or at least what I do in order to keep a good humour throughout the days.It’s important that you start a new routine, keep moving your body and getting away all the laziness.

First thing I do is setting my alarm clock as if I had to go to work; this is a good way to maintain the habit of getting up early so when you go back to work it won’t be that hard.

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Second: doing household activities. This will focus your mind and you can enjoy it by listening to music while you do it.

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And third: use the spare time you have to enjoy some activities you love and that you can’t normally do when you have a job. In my case, I go to the gym; one year ago I signed up to Pilates and I enjoyed it so much. When I was in high school I used to play volleyball but when I started University I didn’t have time to practise any sport; with Pilates I remembered how much I enjoyed physical work and in July I signed up another class (tonification). Since then, I go to the gym twice a week and each day I practise 2 hours (1 h of pilates and after that 1 h of tonification).

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I don’t need the gym for physical reasons but for psycological. It helps you so much to deal with stress and by night you get to sleep much better.

Anyway, you can do other things as well. For example other days I go for a walk with some friends, read a book or watch films/series. And of course I try to write on this blog.

To finish I hope all these things might help you and I’ll try to write another post to compensate the past weeks without having written anything. 🙂

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