Lovely weekend with my family

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you my last weekend. My parents decided to go visit my grandparents and now that I’ve finished my studies I wanted to go with them.

While I was at college I din’t have much time to go with them; I spent most of the weekends studying or preparing projects for class. But now it’s different, I’m looking for a job so I spend my days in front of my computer searching until someone gives me the opportunity I want.

Anyway, we left on friday evening. First we visited my mother’s part of the family and went to drink some cocktails at night. It was very funny being almost all of us together (my brother couldn’t come as he’s now at college and one of my cousins was on a trip).

Ah! I had the chance to buy a new fragrance at El Corte Inglés as they had special offers. The one I bought is by Victorio&Lucchino, the number 5. I love it cause it doesn’t have a very strong smell; it’s quite soft with floral notes and a bit citrus so I will use this one almost everyday for sure! And also look the wonderful package! It’s gorgeus!IMG_20161015_123544.jpgIMG_20161015_123418.jpg

On Saturday we moved to the small village where my other grandparents live.


Though the weather wasn’t very nice (it was cloudy almost all day and very cold) it was a lovely day. It is a village with few people, and that’s a bit sad. Once it was one of the most popular villages in the region, famous because of its cheese and its weekend fairing but now its almost deserted. The only thing you can do it’s going for a walk or to a cafe (and there are few cafes left open by now).

The thing I love most is you can see nature, and while we were walking we found a tree where there lived some owls. I love animals and these owls were looking at us with curiosity (they were adorable).




Finally, Sunday came (a cold cloudy day again) and we left after lunch. Everytime I have to go it’s sad cause staying with my grandparents makes me remember the old days when we were children. But you now, things change and we have to adapt ourselves to the new situations, go back to reality. Now I understand what adults used to tell us: don’t want to grow up so fast cause then you’ll miss your chilhood. They were right.



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