Healthy supper

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share a super easy “recipe” of salad. “Recipe” might not be the word for a salad but it’s the only word I can think about to describe it.

You can find all the ingredients at the supermarket and trust me it’s a delicious way to enjoy your supper adding the fact that it is quite healthy and light. Plus, it’s really easy to prepare as you don’t need to cook anything and it doesn’t take a long time. Let’s start with the list!

  • First of all, a mixture of green shoots (though there are many types of salad that don’t use it, this is the most known by everyone).
  • I like to add some cheese to my salads so you can choose the one you like most from the supermarket. In this case I added some fresh cheese from the brand “Burgo de Arias”.
  • Other condiment that you can use are stuffed olives (my favourites are those stuffed with anchovy) and canned tuna.
  • My essentials for a salad: a mixure of prepared nuts and crispy onion, the same crispy that you use on your hot dogs (as I said, you can find these at the supermarket).
  • The final touch: add some olive oil, cream vinegar and your favourite sauce (this time I tried the Caesar’s sauce wich is sold at the supermarket where I usually buy).

Here you have a photo of the result. It was delicious 😀ensalada.jpg

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this post and tell me your own recipes if you want.

See you on my next post!!

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